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Media & consumables

A wide range of reliable and long-lasting data storage media
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  • cd | dvd | blu-ray | usb

    Explore our wide range of professional grade and long-lasting CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray, USB-Sticks, customizable by thermal and inkjet printing.

  • Inks | Ribbons

    Compatible with our disc publishing and printing robots, our ink ribbons and ink cartridges allow labeling of media in B&W and color

  • Packaging | Boxes

    • Very wide choice of packaging and boxes compatible with our range of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and USB-Sticks.
    • Bespoke packaging
    • Study and production of specific tailor-made packaging

Systems & accessories

Very high quality and high productivity professional publishing solutions

  • CD / DVD Publishing robots

    • Explore our professional-grade Publishing robots for your CD or DVD duplication jobs. We are reference distributors for EPSON and RIMAGE .
    • An installed base of more than 2000 systems in France. Almost all CT & MRI medical imaging centers operate robots supplied directly or indirectly by RAM-France on a daily basis.
  • USB Duplicators

    Duplicate your USB-Sticks thanks to our RIMAGE automatic duplicating systems allowing you to engrave any type of drives with proper data security

  • Accessories

    Wide choice of accessories compatible with our CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and USB-Sticks publishing systems


High quality and high capacity Publishing shopfloor. Thousands of media duplicated per day


Give us your duplication jobs on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and USB-Sticks

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Technical support

A team of strong professionals will advise you on the choice of media, equipment or duplication & publishing.

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Quality & security

We take very seriously the security of your data, their integrity and the quality of the duplication according to your specifications

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In the news

By acquiring RAM-France, the 2CH Holding’s strategic intent was to consolidate the business through merger/acquisition operations in this industry. ThereforeRAM France made 2 consequently acquisitions:
  • EASYPACK business, acquired at the end of February 2022.
  • REPLITEC business, acquired at the end of June 2022.
EASYPACK provides RAM-France with packaging products and RITEK (TAIWAN) media, which complete the range of consumables marketed by RAM-France.REPLITEC brings to RAM-France, a quality customer base in the duplication & publishing activity by allowing to strengthen and develop these high added value and strategic businesses.RAM-France, is currently pursuing its quest for internal and external growth;aiming to consolidate its core business - supply of products, consumables and services in the duplication of CD/DVD/USB and other media...
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A label printer is integrated into the system allowing the label to be associated with the USB-Stick tagged with the same references.

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Technical support